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ICOACH After School Program
This program encompasses educational priorities while addressing the financial and accessibility needs of our youth participants. By providing transportation to tutoring sites, nutritious meals at tutoring sessions, and educational support to our youth, we strive to increase the scholastic knowledge, educational comprehension, and overall wellbeing of each participant.

Currently ICOACH is serving youth from kindergarten through high school. Each demographic has unique challenges. For our elementary students, adult volunteers assist in time management to help students complete all of the assignments they are expected to complete. Our volunteers provide additional help with physical workbooks assigned to elementary students. We also offer a variety of additional activities such as learning games and reading opportunities to keep students engaged and learning.

Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) shared data at a special board meeting earlier this year revealing that almost 70% of high school English Language Learners (ELL) students have a D or F grade in at least one class and 32% of ELL middle schoolers have a D or F grade in at least one class. Currently, all ICOACH participants are ELL students. While this data specifically addresses DMPS, it is reasonable to assume these numbers provide a framework for the greater Des Moines metro as well. Our volunteers’ priorities are to help middle and high school participants stay current on their daily lessons while offering in-depth comprehension checks to ensure students are understanding what is being taught. Volunteers are also using various tools to bring students who may be behind up to their grade level’s standard. Those who require more one on one time are able to have assistance, allowing each participant to truly grasp the concepts.

We look forward to our third year of After School Program beginning September 25th 2023. If you're interested in volunteering, contact ICOACH at
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