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Iowa Congolese Organization and Center for Healing

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ICOACH supports the Iowa Congolese community from within

Founded by Congolese refugees in 2017, ICOACH empowers Congolese Iowans by creating economic opportunities and delivering culturally appropriate assistance, so they can realize their potential, live with dignity and thrive in their new home.

  • Process trauma caused by war, abuse and domestic violence.

  • Work through emotions and respond to culture shock in a positive way.

  • Manage stress caused by trauma and culture shock.

  • Keep an open mind as they navigate through a new culture.

  • Improve computer literacy and use a computer as a form of communication.

  • Learn how to drive and obtain a driving permit.

  • Study English as a second language (ESL).

  • Understand how to access resources already available in the community.

  • Teach kids how to read books through the iRead program.

  • Secure quality and affordable housing.

  • Navigate the American healthcare system.

  • Access education opportunities and community resources

  • Obtain transportation to and from work, school and appointments.

  • Translate emails, mail and other paperwork (except for legal documents).

  • Find work through job searches, applications, resume building, mock interviews, etc.

  • Develop the next generation through youth orientation, learning opportunities and activities.

  • Achieve self-sufficiency through adult orientation, financial literacy and women’s sewing programs.

  • Promote community engagement, working together to address issues that impact refugees.

  • Mail reading – read mails and translate them appropriately

  • Transportation – provide transportation from/to work, appointments

  • Interpretation – schools, hospitals, employers, etc.

  • Employment – Job search, help with application, resume building, mock interviews and more.

  • Appointments – Schedule/Reschedule appointments, transport from/to appointments

  • All other Paperwork  except legal documents

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